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SaaS UI Design: What is it and how does it benefit your business?

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A report by BetterCloud forecasts that 85% of business apps will be SaaS-based by 2025. This suggests that competition will rise, and only those providing unmatched User Experiences will survive in the long run.

Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to a cloud-based service where instead of downloading software on your desktop for a one-time purchase, you access it via the internet on a subscription basis. You typically pay a monthly or annual subscription fee and, in return, get to use the software hosted on the service provider's servers. Some examples of SaaS products you will surely recognize include Atlassian, Slack, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Google Workspace, and Zoom.

Such digital products may offer multi-user support and cross-device usability but 90% of users reported that they would stop using a software if the SaaS UI design was difficult to navigate or the performance quality was poor.

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What is a SaaS Landing Page?

SaaS UI design is all about how Software as a Service applications look and feel to the user.

It's really important because   94%   of first impressions are based on the UI (User Interface) design.

Just like a website, an app, or regular offline computer software, SaaS programs require effective UI to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. When designing a SaaS UI, special attention is given to how features are arranged, how users navigate through the program, and the overall message the design communicates.

Why is SaaS UI Design Important?

The UI is the first point of interaction between the user and the SaaS product. A well-designed UI ensures a positive user experience by making the software intuitive, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. As a result, this improves user satisfaction and retention.

Now that we know that first impressions are mainly founded on the SaaS UI design, a well-designed UI can attract and retain users. Users are more likely to continue using a service that looks and feels professional and is enjoyable to interact with.

Aside from suiting the users’ tastes and needs, a SaaS UI design also allows the brand to communicate its brand image and values to the target audience. A user-oriented and professionally designed UI can enhance the perceived value of the SaaS product and build consumer trust.

“Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.”

— Dana Chisnell

A successful SaaS UI design can streamline workflows, reduce the learning curve for new users, and increase overall efficiency and productivity. By doing so, users can accomplish their tasks more quickly and with less frustration. A happy user makes a happy business.

In an expanding market crowded with SaaS offerings, a unique UI design can be a significant differentiator. The reality is that even if your business has the brightest idea with the most inspiring values, your success would still depend on how well your SaaS UI design communicates it and the UX it provides.

A thought-through user experience will directly affect your business’s adaptability and scalability. Effective SaaS UI design takes into account not just current user needs but also future enhancements. It allows for easier updates and scalability as user demands and technologies evolve.

How Does SaaS UI Design Benefit Your Business?

01.  Higher User Engagement

SaaS UI design provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that encourages engagement. This makes the software more accessible and enjoyable to use. A consistent and responsive SaaS UI design will also cater to individual needs with a minimum learning curve.

02.  Increased User Satisfaction

When the SaaS UI design is straightforward and intuitive in use, users can navigate the software effortlessly, reducing frustration and increasing their confidence in using the application.

03. Higher User Retention Rate

A trend-savvy and user-oriented SaaS UI design can simplify the user journey, making the user experience more efficient and less likely to push users to seek alternative solutions. A UI that consistently meets user needs creates a sense of familiarity and comfort, encouraging long-term use.

04.  Increased Conversion Rate

An effective SaaS UI design instills trust and showcases professionalism, making users feel confident in the quality of the product. A seamless and enjoyable user experience reduces the likelihood of users abandoning the signup process which can lead to satisfied users recommending the product to others, creating a word-of-mouth effect that further boosts conversions.

An Example of the Best SaaS UI Design

Be our guest and feel free to read more about our redesign case for Ellie.ai!

Digital screens conditioned our minds to keep scrolling down, but if you want the user to eventually make a decision and act, a linear website format can make the user tired, lose interest, and eventually leave the application.

As we redesigned Ellie.ai, we deliberately flipped the homepage into a horizontal format and gave the users some features to interact with, like the slider video and engaging cards. The hierarchical organization made the homepage easy to navigate and all necessary information was made immediately available on the landing page so users wouldn’t be discouraged from having to open separate pages for each feature.

Software as a Service (SaaS) products are increasingly dominating the market, expected to hit $1,016.44 billion by 2032 thanks to the benefits they bring:

  • Easy to access on any device
  • No need to download it
  • Securely store data in the cloud
  • Support multi-user work collaborations

Nowadays, the biggest challenge is to retain users and ensure they become long-term customers.

Ultimately, investing in excellent SaaS UI design is not just about creating a functional product; it's about delivering an experience that resonates with users and keeps them coming back for more.

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