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We worked with numerous e-commerce clients and identified crucial design criteria that affect sales.
So, we decided to reveal our list of e-commerce UX tips to help you meet user expectations and hit space-high conversion rates.

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Flexy expert advice on how your design can affect user behavior
E-commerce UX tips

Flexy expert advice on how your design can affect user behavior

Mobile adaptivity
Improved usability
Longer user-sessions
Color appeal
Dos and Don'ts

Handpicked examples to guide you

Navigation UX
Ad placement
Steering consumer behavior
Stronger consumer trust
Exciting statistics

All tips are supported by plenty of industry studies

Building brand identity

Best practices for communicating your values and positioning

Consumer psychology

Insights on how to shape and satisfy consumer attitudes

Cognitive biases
Palette choice
Gender-specific design
Sales growth

There are 2 things consumers want.
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E-commerce is the key to business




of total retail sales are done with e-commerce websites


Trillion USD dollars are amounted to online retail sales worldwide


of growth of e-commerce sales
is forecasted by 2026

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Increased sales after redesign with Flexy!

I am impressed by the swift design rendering and project completion, really appreciated your adaptability and creative input. Result is excellent. The advertising has already started to pay off.

Maksim Kvitsinskii, Head of Marketing
Maksim Kvitsinskii, Head of Marketing